FMN rebrands two subsidiaries under its Agro-allied division.

Lagos, Nigeria; January 06, 2020.

As part of an ongoing process of creating a collective identity across its Agro-Allied division, FMN today announced the completion of a name change and rebranding process for two of its subsidiaries. Agro-Allied Syrups Limited and Agro-Allied Farms Sunti Limited will now be known as Shao Golden Farms Limited and Sunflag farms Limited, respectively.

The change which is part of a more extensive group-wide restructuring process commenced during the first quarter of FMN’s financial year in 2019. The management had informed that the restructuring process was initiated to improve the efficiency and competitive advantage of its various businesses in the agriculture sector.

Shao Golden Farms Limited (formerly, Agro-Allied Syrups Limited), is one of the largest commercial cassava farms in Nigeria with over 5,000 hectares of arable land in Shao, Kwara State. The farm was established to secure timely and sufficient availability of raw materials for the operation of FMN’s downstream subsidiary, Premium Cassava Products Limited. On the other hand, Sunflag Farms Limited (formerly, Agro-Allied Farm Sunti Limited,) is a 4,500- hectare farm along the Niger River basin - It is currently being prepared for FMN’s seed development programs.

FMN has assured its customers that the change of identity will not affect existing policies on products or customer relations, but instead improve their existing quality commitments. With the new brand identity, Shao Golden Farms Limited and Sunflag Farms Limited’s are now in line with the broader brand guideline of FMN Agro-allied division and is poised to continue to deliver on its promise of producing quality products to its customers.

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About Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc

Incorporated in September 1960 and quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange since 1978, Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN) Plc. is one of Nigeria’s leading food and agro-allied companies. With a broad basket of food products, an iconic brand “Golden Penny” and robust pan-Nigerian production, distribution, and supply chain network, FMN is a fully integrated and diversified food and agro-allied group.

The FMN group strives in its mission to “Feed the Nation, Everyday” through its five core food value chains: Grains, Sweeteners, Oils and Fats, Proteins, and Starches. FMN creates value along the entire food chain with its “farm-to-table” model by providing inputs and know-how to farmers, aggregating and sourcing crops and raw materials to supply its world-class processing facilities across Nigeria, and distributing its innovative food brands to its customers.