Support Services

Apart from Food Business and the Agro Allied Industry, we own a segment in the logistics and support nerve that connects businesses and industries. Our investment and contribution to the smooth running of the various chains and webs of businesses in the economy chains and networks is several companies strong.

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BAGCO, a division of Flour Mill of Nigeria (FMN PLC) is recognized to be Africa’s largest and leading manufacturer of premium bags sustained through state of the art machinery, professional staff and best manufacturing practices.

With over 42 years heritage, BAGCO has become the leading packaging solution & manufacturing brand known to supply Quality Polypropylene (PP) sacks in Nigeria to support the industrial and agricultural sectors of Nigeria to support the industrial and agricultural sectors of Nigerian economy. We provide Total Packaging Solutions from PP bags to flexible packaging materials. We also have the capability of providing in excess of 32 million bags per month to key sectors of the economy.

We provide durable, colorful quality packaging and sealing of flexible materials for detergent, confectionaries (biscuit, bread, cakes), beverages (coffee, tea, milk), cheese, flour, candy (chocolate, sweets) labels, etc.
Ropes are immensely significant when it comes to manufacturing, construction, seafaring exploration, sports, theatre & communication. Our ropes are top notch quality and of superior class. They are popular in the market for their tensile strength in dragging and lifting activities.
BAGCO thread is the ideal one for sewing your product packaging. Our threads are renowned for tensile strength and UV protection treatment as desired by our customers. Use BAGCO threads to properly secure your product packaging.
Our webbing is excellent for both house hold and industrial packaging needs using the best woven polypropylene (wpp) manufactured with recent technology and machinery The flat strip of BAGCO webbing can also be used for climbing, upholstery, auto safety, towing, parachutes, military appeal, load security, etc.
Blown Film
Our extruded films include Shrink films, Stretch films, Roly rolls and Pure Water rolls. They are maintained excellently for tensile strength, flexural strength, toughness, optical properties etc.
Open Market Bags
Our Agro bags are second to none in Nigeria and have also continued to play on foreign soils. The market has no doubt continued to testify to the quality of our agricultural bag brands. They are suitable for packaging various agricultural bag brands.
Carrier Bags
Popularly used for packaging large house hold commodities, product or goods. They are rigid and adaptable for long term use and good for heavy load carrying for traders and travelers.
Shopping Bags
Our bags are second to none in Nigeria and have also continued to play on foreign soils too. The market has no doubt and continues to testify to the quality of our shopping bag brands.
Jumbo Bags
These are extra-large cement packs mainly for industrial use. They bag larger quantity of cement than the regular size. They are made of superior quality materials and are the best bet for cement packaging.