Our journey into the agriculture sector, as a group can be traced back to 1978, with the acquisition of a 10,000-hectare farm in Kaboji, Niger state. Since then, we have continued to make substantial investments in several other farms, and downstream activities to support our 5 key value chains of Grains; oils & Fats; Sugar; Feeds & Proteins, and Cassava Starches.

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The value chain is supported by Premium Cassava Products Ltd (downstream) and Shao Golden Farms Limited (upstream) with a present capacity of milling 60mt per day High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) and 180mt per day starch production.

A product that takes quality to the next level with extra crunch and extra swell for a truly fulfilling meal. No dirt, no dust and no stones.
Cassava Flour
This is mainly a product that is added to wheat flour. In 2002, Nigeria adopted a policy compelling flour miller to implement cassava flour addition into wheat flour and we are fully committed to it.
Industrial Starch
Meeting the standards required by Nigerian industries therefore replacing the quantity of imports of other starches into the country. Used in the making of confectionaries, seasoning cubes, paper, packaging etc.