Our Story

Our Founder

“When FMN was started, we had a dream. We dreamt of feeding all Nigerians, providing for their infrastructure needs, supporting the agriculture economy and creating jobs.”

- George Coumantaros

Our journey of national commitment began on the 26th of March, 1960, when our visionary founder, George Coumantaros filed an application to establish and operate the premier flour mill at Apapa, Lagos. This was a bold move, driven by what George Coumantaros saw the country’s great potential; having a large population of about thirty million which surpassed the population of any other African nation.

The Federal Government of Nigeria responded positively with a letter of approval and an invitation was sent by the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industry which was certified by a second letter dated 22nd June, 1960. Thereafter, Flour Mills of Nigeria Limited (FMNL) was incorporated by its “Vendor”, the Excelsior Shipping Company Ltd as a limited liability company on 29th September, 1960 and assigned the incorporation number – RC 2343.

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Our National Commitment

Our commitment is contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic growth and development.

Our long standing history with Nigeria has ignited an unwavering love and a great sense of duty to the goal of Feeding the Nation, Everyday. Our commitment is evident in our contributions to Nigeria’s socio-economic growth and development through our investments, job creation opportunities, helping to integrate the Agricultural and Industrial sector and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

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60 years of Creating Shared Value & Trusted Products

2020 year is an important milestone for us, at Flour Mills PLC

We have shared a rich, varied history with Nigeria since the Nation’s Independence; Feeding the Nation Everyday for 60 years, through the different seasons of Nigeria’s evolution. We want to say thank you to this great country, Nigeria, for staying loyal through the years.

Bolstered by our diversified spectrum of products and services, Flour Mills Nigeria Plc has been enriching the lives of Nigerians through impact-led investments, job creation and community development. The legacy of the group is visible through the track record of our group of food & agro-allied brands, and various subsidiaries:

  • Our flagship food brand; Golden Penny consists of Pasta & Noodles, Oil & Spreads, Impulse Foods, Flour and Sugar brands.
  • Our Agro-allied cluster consists of a Poultry feed variants, Aqualine Top feeds and our Golden Fertilizer brand.
  • Our Logistics cluster provides comprehensive logistics support through our Bagco brand.
  • Our high performing Backward Integration Programs in Sugar, Oil Palm, Cassava and Grain Production are helping Nigeria on its self-sufficiency journey to food security.

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Our Founding Story

On the 26th of March, 1960, Mr. George Stavros Coumantaros an American gentleman of Greek descent operating under the trade name, Excelsior Shipping Company Limited, filed an application to establish and operate a flour mill at Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.