FMN group employs approximately 5,200 staff with diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Its employees work harmoniously together to deliver superior value to Nigerian consumers nationwide through its various mills across Nigeria. These mills include:

Nigeran Eagle Flour Mills
Nigerian Eagle Flour Mills is a branch of Ideal Flour Group founded by the Chagoury Group of Companies in the early 80s'. it produces fine quality flours that suit the consumers market at a capacity rate of 170,000 MT per year. In 2007, the company was merged with the giant Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC and under the new management the company continues to flourish and expand with more sales and productivity. Current expansion plans means that NEFM is scheduled to start producing 340,000MT of products per year by mid 2011.

Today Eagle Flour is the only flour mill in Oyo state and there are more 
than 12,000 people who make their living directly or indirectly from NEFM operations,.This figure is expected to double by the end of 2012.

Niger Mills Company Limited
Niger Mills Company Limited is a flour milling company that has been managed by Flour Mills since the 70s. It is located in Calabar, approximately 6 kilometers from the port and the mill has a total capacity of approximately 750MT of wheat per day.

The company has recently completed a modernization program by commissioning a new state-of-the-art PLC - controlled flour mill which accounts for over two-thirds of its total capacity. The new mill is currently running 6 days per week and has achieved an operating efficiency of nearly 90% which has led to a 40% growth in sales.

Northern Nigeria Flour Mills
The company has been in the flour milling business since the 1970s. It is a quoted subsidiary in which FMN has a 52.6% equity stake. NNFM has 3 manufacturing units with a combined capacity of 1,200 metric tons per day, making it a major player in the Kano market.

The NNFM product range includes Golden Penny Flour, Golden Penny Semovita, Wheat Offals  and a range of maize products (Masavita, Masa Flour and Corn Offals).