Based in Apapa, Lagos, Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN) has one of the largest flour milling complexes in the world. With the inauguration of "West Mills" on the 10th of September 2012, we now have 14 dedicated mills located at this site with a daily wheat grinding capacity of over 8,000 metric tonnes (MT) used to provide flour and other wheat-based products to the Lagos area as well as for export.

Established to serve the needs of a growing and discerning populace, Golden Penny Flour has delighted millions of homes all over Nigeria and beyond with numerous products such as the proprietary Semovita and Goldenvita. The flour, the company's flag-ship brand, Golden Penny (GPF) is packed into 50kg polypropylene sacks and distributed throughout the country as Nigeria’s No. 1 bakers flour.

Decades after the launch of FMN as a primary food supply business, it remains unrelenting in its drive to provide the best in quality flour and flour-based products to help meet and exceed the nutritional and quality taste needs of the Nigerian people and beyond.

FMN, a highly innovative focused company, has continually strived over decades to delight its customers and their final end users. Hence FMN doesn't only provide superior quality flour but also ensures that it is available in adequate quantities to meet the demands of a growing Nigerian population. Every week FMN receives on average a shipload of 35,000MT of up to 7 different kinds of wheat.

All Flour Mills of Nigeria products have passed through a rigorous process of cleaning, conditioning, milling and quality control to deliver the finest tasting, flour-based products such as Semovita, acclaimed as Nigeria’s premier ball food.

The key to FMN's success over the last 50 years has been the consistently reliable quality of the flour that has been delivered into the market and the increasingly strong image of the Golden Penny brand that has come to represent that high quality. 

Flour Mills of Nigeria has mastered the fine art of flour making and produces a range of flours used in the manufacture of products  such as cakes, biscuits, spaghetti, macaroni, penne, twist,  confectionary and noodles as well as all types of bread. It remains committed to the highest business standards and intends to retain its ‘Golden’ status - the Hallmark of Quality.